Cádiz can’t say no to anything” was one of the most repeated lines we heard from our friend Vincent Ferrer of I-D Magazine and Hipster from Spain during the South 36.32N International Fashion Show.  It gives you a pretty good idea of how many of us felt as we got to know the “Gaditanos and Gaditanas”, the people from Cádiz, a little bit better over these last three days.  Their hospitality, happiness and wit were a constant on every street and corner and they accompanied the team here at So Catchy! on our journey.  What we took away from it all is that the best way to know where fashion begins is by keeping close to the creators and creatives who inhabit this exciting world.  And we’re not only thinking about the designers but also the places and the people that make fashion a form of artistic expression.

We, here at So Catchy!, would like to give special thanks to our contributor and social media guru Paola Caballer who was along for the ride these past few days and whose effort, dedication and, above all, characteristic smile helped turn the “work” into something much more pleasant.

And speaking of people who turned this trip into an authentic experience, Raúl Rosillo was in Cádiz for the inauguration of video and photographic exhibition, VIVO, at the Rivadavia gallery and we were able to catch up with him and his muse, Alba Flores.


The guys from Sicky Magazine, Alejandro Reyes and Álvaro Dols, were also in town.  Two sides of the same coin, complementary and seemingly incompatible at once, they helped us see that with hard work and perseverance, good ideas can become projects and with the right ingredients, these projects can become something great.  It was also a pleasure to meet the great designer Manu Araujo a professional with experience and taste, who we’re sure we can learn a lot from. And let’s not forget Marta Nicolás, the delightful, young creator of the SamyRoad project, and her talent, intelligence and wonderful sense of humor.

So Catchy-south-cadiz

Ramón Barrera and Adela Leonsegui, who we met up with from the beginning, showed us that a calling for what we do and passion should go hand in hand.  The wonderful Patricia Prokö was present as well and as always, her good taste and craftsmanship had us watering at the mouth for each and every one of her creations.


Thanks to the organizers of South Cádiz for making this event possible, and for giving us a place to express our opinions at #SouthVerbo.  While there, we coincided with Cristina Peral and were able to explain the project behind So Catchy! and how trend forecasting can be applied to the world of fashion to create new opportunities.

Of course we have to mention the boys and girls from CEADE Sevilla: María Magdalena, Yvan Andreu, Sergio Parrales, Sabela Nogara, Olga Duart, María Espí, Alba Alcalá and Goria. We’ll be checking in with you from time to time!


And last but not least, Sofía Clarí, finder of new talent and simply a lovely person.  We’ll see you next time, as always, “Where Fashion Begins”.


Photos courtesy of Lourdes Rodríguez

Translated by Michael Padilla