At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we are faithful admirers of independent creative talent, especially when it becomes a way of life and comes from a place of passion. That’s why every time Oier Garitagoitia and Carlos Marrero come up with something new, we can’t help but share it with you.

On this occasion, Colección 2.0 surprises with a different feel, further removed from the BDSM esthetic, but without losing the essence of Sampedro Accesories, or their hallmark. They were inspired by folklore from the Basque Country and the dantxari traditional dance. An atypical combination that exudes strength and will leave you with the desire to see what they’ll come up with next. While you’re waiting, we’ll leave you with their latest interview, enjoy.



So Catchy!: We’ve been following your work for years and we love the way that your creative identity is always present, even though the inspiration and topics change we each new collection. What do you think this variable is that makes your work so unique?

Sampedro Accesories: We believe that the only thing that never changes is our core principles.

SC!: So we know that Oier is Basque, but how did the idea to use folklore from his native land for these new pieces?

SA: The leather we used in this collection reminded us of the Basque abarkas (traditional footwear in the region) and that’s where the idea came from. We also used the dantzari outfit as a reference to create the complete look.


SC!: Which gender follows your creations most closely?

SA: There’s a little bit of everything. In the shops where we sell in Madrid, the clients are mostly women but those who come to our studio to have custom made pieces are usually men.

Our proposals, in general, are agender.


SC!: How much time do you dedicate to each piece on average? From the creative process to final production?

SA: It depends a bit on each piece, as the smaller accessories require less time to produce. The bigger ones, or the ones with more parts require time and patience. And then there are the made-to-order pieces that also usually require time spent on research and testing, which can take anywhere from days to weeks.

SC!: And finally, as far as fashion in Spain is concerned, have you noticed a change for the better for emerging design or is that more of a trending topic that hasn’t been noticed in your sales?

SA: We’re quite optimistic and we believe that things are getting better. That said, we do work independently from the fashion industry since we make our products as we go and don’t follow the typical calendar.




Photography: Jose Señoran.

Make-up & Hair: Javier Sevillano.

Model: Paul Gil

Art direction: Sampedro accesories.


Translation and layout by Michael Padilla