“Barcelona sempre ès un bon pla”, is a saying around Barna that we heard more than once on our most recent visit to the Catalan Capital.

Barcelona is a city that was made to get lost in; wander its streets, soak up the architecture and get a feel for what makes it one of the most recognized destinations around the world.

So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins was there to see some old friends, artists and artisans who live and work in this marvelous place.

One of our stops was at OSLO Barcelona, an Artisans’ Association located in the heard of the Gracia neighborhood.


And OSLO is a magical place. Its shelves and display areas hold pieces from different artists: jewelry, clothes, ceramics, leather and more. Everything is meticulously presented and everyone has a smile on their faces.


We saw the most recent work from María Ninot (you can read her interview here), whose Aeolic pieces we’ve talked about before.


A selection of geometric pieces made with silver fill one of the display cabinets but in her workshop, located at OSLO, María keeps her smallest treasures hidden away, like this necklace:

05-so-catchy-collar-grande-maria-ninot 03-so-catchy-maria-ninot-haciendo-pieza-2 04-so-catchy-piezas-maria-sobre-madera

Wei Ju Pan, another of the artisans who form part of the association, has a more eclectic style, with expressive multi-colored pieces that exude strength:

06-so-catchy-piezas-wu-bombillas 07-so-catchy-piezas-wu

And we can’t forget to mention Marta Callen. In her latest collection, the pieces take different shapes, like this first communion medallion with Jesus dressed as an astronaut. In her imagination, aliens also take part in the ceremony. And nothing is left to waste.

08-so-catchy-marta-callen 09-so-catchy-display-marta-callen

Ana Vivero’s pieces are delicate and original. She experiments with textiles and metals to create accessories for the head like diadems and ornaments for the hair, as well as for other parts of the body, that tell stories.


10-so-catchy-ana-vivero-2 11-so-catchy-ana-vivero-3 12-so-catchy-ana-vivero-1

And although not directly related to fashion, there’s the captivating ceramic work of Aleksandra Kopff. Her polar bears are simply amazing.

Effectively, Barcelona is always a good plan, and if you happen to pass by OSLO, it becomes an excellent one.

PS: There are many more artists at OSLO and our time was limited so we can’t mention them all this time around but we’ll be back.


María Ninot & Ana Vivero

16-so-catchy-almudena-diaz-less-fillings-2 17-so-catchy-detalle-almudena-diaz

Almudena Diaz


Irma from Proyecto Textil Rima


Photos courtesy of Ana Cuervas for So Catchy!

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla