Style is a difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.




It’s always a pleasure to discover new ideas and companies that try, constantly, to do something.  Although this has become something of a trend in and of itself, being different is becoming normal.  And it can even be welcoming when it’s done right.  This is the case of Por Vocação, a Portuguese men’s clothing store based in Oporto.  The shop windows also provide their client’s with an added bonus thanks to the ever-changing displays.




They’re entrepreneurs and they’re on their way up having worked with the Italian firm Buttero and a spot on the famous series of TED talks.  Sometimes its good to have someone else guide you and to make the right choices for you, to choose a selection of brands and products that are nothing to sneeze at.  And to have a physical space where you can touch and feel the products as well as virtual one that you can access from thousands of miles away.  Sometimes you find this someone or something and it gives off style so naturally that at first sight you realize you’ve finally come to the right place.



Coming soon, So Catchy! will bring you an exclusive interview with Por Vocação so stay tuned.


Translated by Michael Padilla