Fashion is at its best when it means something, when the clothes (be they jackets, dresses or shoes) speak for themselves and express the thoughts and ideas of their creator through their colours, textures, materials and shapes.



Keren Yaar


Today we’d like to introduce you to Keren Yaar, an Israeli designer who has created a colouful, light-hearted collection full of unusual cuts, original decorations on the fabric and interesting textures that quite incredibly, define the topic at hand:  feudal Japanese samurai armour.

Keren Yaar graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Fashion Desigen from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.  During her four years of study, she won three different awards and her latest adventure was her participation in the International Talent Support 2013, where she ended up a finalist.

We like Keren Yaar. She’s got something special… and it could be that her work doesn’t look like anything else.


© Lee Agmon


SO CATCHY!: How would you describe yourself?

KEREN YAAR: Creative, hard working, smiley, fun

SC!: Can you tell us a bit about your design work?

KY: I focus on combining cool casual look and elegant-strict look. I love exploring new textiles and creating my own.

SC!: What kind of clothes you like to wear day-to-day?

KY: I usually wear simple clothes. Mostly black and grey. Skinny Jeans and T- shirts.


© Sasha Prilutzki

SC!: What about the collection that you took to International Talent Support…

KY: The collection deals with Samurai armours in feudal Japan. The Samurai’s armour is a symbol of power, cruelty and restraint, while revealing a colourful world full of complexity and fantasy.

The Bushido, “way of the warrior”, is a special lifestyle which is symbolised by masculinity and pugnacity. The Samurai is always cautious to predominate his passions and avoid emotional expressions.

How can the shield be cracked? Which kinds of defensive layers do the modern human wears? Stiffness VS movement, impenetrability VS emotion, pattern VS silhouette- what exists between the shield and the one who wears it?

SC!: We love the textures that you’ve made…

KY: In this collection I weaved threads with metal rusted chains combining Swarovski stones embroidery. I used this heavy rough material along with silk, neoprene, leather and digital prints.

SC!: You were finalist at ITS 2013. What did that mean for you?

KY: At first I felt like I’m in some kind of dream. Couldn’t believe I was chosen to be a part of this amazing adventure. It was a great honour and a great opportunity for me. Moreover, I was looking forward to meet new people from all over the world, and get inspired by the whole atmosphere of the event. It was amazing.


© Sasha Prilutzki

SC!: What are you going to do with the collection?  Is it on the market?

KY: The collection is not yet for sale, but I am working on selling some of the pieces for some boutiques abroad and on Internet.

SC!: You are working at Studio Noa with your mum… What it´s like to work with your mother? What do you learn from her?

KY: My mother is a great inspiring person; we are also good friends so that it is fun working together. My mother Noa started her own boutique “Studio Noa” at 1996 when I was 9 years old. We design, manufacture and sell everything here in Israel. We design cool beautiful clothes for children and women as well as shoes, bags and accessories. I learn a lot from her about basically everything, from the design process to the business of fashion. Designing my collections as part of my studies was very different from designing more commercial collections that people actually wear on daily basis.

SC!: What do you do at Studio Noa?

KY: Designing the collections, looking for fabrics and materials, graphic design, manufacture process etc…


SC!: Any plans for the future?

KY: I would like to work abroad for a few years and I’m hoping to take myself to some interesting and challenging places.

SC!: Define Fashion:

KY: Fashion is everything that changes…

SC!: Your favourite fashion designer is…

KY: I Love Proenza Schouler for their unique style, Alexander Wang for his more sporty line, Balmain… I do change my favorites every once in a while… After all, this is fashion we are talking about.

SC!: An essential blog /website about fashion:

KY: is great, cool and funky although I honestly still prefer books and paper magazines.

SC!: Your impossible dream is…

KY: To always do my best, see people wearing and loving my designs, and always keep moving forward.

Photos courtesy of Sasha Prilutzki and Lee Agmon

Translation & Layout by Michael Padilla