We can finally let the cat out of the bag and reveal Elena Karavasili as the winner of the I So Catchy! Emerging Design Awards in the Accessories category. Elena is a tireless designer, a perfectionist and possesses an inimitable sense of esthetics that captured our attention.

We first met Elena a little more than two years ago and since then, she has not stopped working and growing in the difficult world of fashion. Today at So Catchy! we want to share with you the interview she gave us after finding out she was selected as the winner. It’s pure inspiration.

So Catchy!: Elena, it has been 2 years since our last interview, how have your work and your projects evolved since then?

Elena Karavasili: I think my work has been simplified to focus more on the quality of the materials and idea of a minimal yet feminine product.

SC!: Why did you decide to produce your bags in Spain?

EK: Through my collections I am calling attention to the materiality of the works and designing shapes with touch in mind. The skilled craftsmen in Spain gave me the opportunity to fulfill this vision while combining both traditional and contemporary techniques of leather making. Their vast knowledge and ethical production methods are just a few of the many reasons I decided to produce my bags in Spain.

SC!: What are your next project?

EK: My next project is focusing on building a digital and PR strategy for the brand.

SC!: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

EK: In the next couple of years I would like to have grown my brand more outside of Greece and collaborated with other brands to challenge myself as a deisgner even further.

SC!: Some dreams yet to fulfill?

EK: I would love to expand my brand into shoes and other accessories.

SC!: How do you see the fashion industry now?

EK: Volatile. Due to social media the industry has become even faster paced and the need for immediacy is a necessity which has really affected the life cycle of products.

SC!: Could you give our young designers and fashion students some advice, maybe something that you would have liked to know some years ago?

EK: It’s not just about the product but the story and lifestyle around it.

Translation & Layout by Michael Padilla