Instagram has become one of the major platforms for creatives and designers to show their work to the world. Doing research on Instagram is like submerging yourself in an infinite world of images overflowing with originality and creativity.
It’s not easy to come up with an interesting list of Instagram accounts but from the team at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, here’s a few that you might not have heard of.


Donya-Patrice, designer and fashion and lifestyle blogger. We lover her style!


01-so-catchy-instagram-donya-patrice-01 02-so-catchy-instagram-donya-patrice-02


1 Granary is the magazine produced by students from Central Saint Martins in London. It’s the go to source to discover the work of young designers from Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Arts, Parsons and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. If you want to know more, check out the article that we wrote about 1 Granary here.




Álvaro Dols, from Malaga, is a journalist, influencer and expert in social media and marketing. His account is a mix of beautiful architectural, urban, lifestyle and fashion images. Here’s his interview with So Catchy!.




Sherliza Moé is a YouTuber who specializes in make-up and design. Her Instagram account is an exquisite collection of images with pink as the protagonist.




Georgia Pendlebury is a fashion photographer and we absolutely lover her style. How about you?



Can Dağarslanı, another photographer, is in love with architecture and the relationship between space and objects, where people interact with their surroundings and share the stage.


07-so-catchy-instagram-can-dagarslani-01 08-so-catchy-instagram-can-dagarslani-02


Mercedes is the artist behind the pseudonym Coco Capitán. We love the apparent simplicity of her photographs and the stories that they contain. She’s from Andalusia, is young and has worked with important international fashion labels.


09-so-catchy-instagram-coco-capitan-01 10-so-catchy-instagram-coco-capitan-02 11-so-catchy-instagram-coco-capitan-03


Images courtesy of respective Instagram acccounts.

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla