At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we love minimalism, the simplicity behind a well-studied, timeless and easily combinable design.

So today we’re bringing you a list of minimal brands that we love in different areas of fashion, from clothing to footwear and jewelry.

We adore the jewelry of María Ninot (which you can find here: Her apparently simple designs hide geometric shapes measured precisely to the millimeter as well as eolic pieces with neat shapes.

And then there are the 3D pieces, finished by hand from the MPA Collective (which you might have read about before when we interviewed them here), three friends united by their desire to understand design and jewelry.

In footwear, there’s the Israeli label Una Una Shoes (available here on Etsy: with clean lines that look like the picture of comfort.

We also recently discovered sneakers from EknFootwear, pushing for fair products made from organic materials.

As for clothing labels, we’re fans of COS with innovative designs and high-quality patterns and fabrics, above all cotton, at a reasonable price. In fact, some time ago we interviewed the designer Leonie Barth, who had presented an impressive, minimalist thesis project, and who now works for the label.

ASOS has also made an enormous effort in the last few years to introduce a minimalist, and sculptural style with their label ASOS WHITE. You should definitely take a look at their dresses.

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla