He’s only 24 and has already joined up with watchmaker Swatch thanks to a strong showing at International Talent Support last July.

Milko Boyarov was born and studied in Sofia (Bulgaria), the city he still calls home.  With a Bachelor’s in Metal and Jewellery Design from the National Academy of the Arts in Sofia, his rise to fame is thanks to colorful and original pieces of jewellery made from materials not traditionally associated with the concept of “jewels”.


Milko Boyarov

In his own words, his objective as a designer is to build a bridge between sculpture and jewellery, using plastic as the prime material for his pieces.

The days of precious metals and stones as the foundation of any accessory are gone and they’ve given way to innovative new materials, colors and shapes.

Milko gave us at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins an opportunity to talk to him about his work.

SO CATCHY!: It would be a stretch to call your piece conventional so how would you describe them?

MILKO BOYAROV: I work in the fields of body objects and jewellery pieces. My aim is to create pieces which tell a story and live on the body, as well as to present them in the right environment. For that I always collaborate with photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists.

SC!: It seems that the concept of fashion is changing, giving way to something more complete, closer to art, full of meaning…

MB: Fashion is not only accessories and clothes. I think that it is  everywhere around and reflects the world we live in.

SC!: You won the ITS Swatch Award in 2013, what did it mean for you?

It was one of the most amazing moments in my live. It was a really big step in my life and I am really happy as I am going to join the Swatch  team next month and will start my collaboration with them.


Photo by Simone Falcetta 

SC!: Tell us a bit about “Falling in Love with S”, the collection that won you recognition at ITS 13.

MB: It is a story about two souls, with a beginning and no end. They find each other in a universe of chaos and clutter. Escaping from it by disconnecting, they connect into a parallel world of their own. The piece has three different functions and it is made of PVC components which allow the wearer to change its forms. Among those components there is an earring and a ring, which when detached function as separate jewellery pieces.

SC!: Where do you find the ideas for your pieces?

MB: Almost everywhere. I love sea creatures; they are a huge inspiration for me. I like sculpture and fashion as well as all of the other art fields.

SC!: Have you sold any of your pieces?

MB: Yes, I do sell my pieces and that is how I make my living. The price really depends on the piece so it is hard to define. From Detailor Concept Store which is based in Sofia and I hope that I will start to sell in Not Just A Label soon.


SC!: Most often people don’t spend a lot of time considering the meaning behind the objects that they acquire.  What do you want to say with yours?

MB: I try to express the ideas that I have in my mind and I am happy when people grasp the concept that I have easily. I always look for some kind of bridge between jewellery, sculpture and in a way fashion.

SC!: Your favourite material to work with…

MB: Any kind of plastic. I like to work with plastic, since it gives me the freedom to make huge but light pieces.

SC!: Do you consider your pieces wearable? What kind of person do you think would wear your pieces?

MB: Most of them yes, but some of them are really specific. I do not think about a particular person when I am creating something, so I guess that the person who would wear some of my pieces has to feel comfortable and good while wearing them.

SC!: What are you doing at the moment?

MB: Working on the pieces from my last collections and for customers.

SC!: Your upcoming projects…

MB: I will work in Swatch so I will focus on the projects there. It will be a completely different experience and I can’t wait to start there.

SC!: Are there any fashion or art publications that you like?

MB: My favourite magazines are Dazed and Confused, WAD  and LOVE. I do not follow blogs.


SC!: Who do you admire in the world of fashion design?

MB: There are a lot, but lets say Hussein Chalayan, Iris van Herpen, Ted Noten and many others.

SC! Would you like to make any predictions as to how we’ll be thinking about jewellery in the future?

MB: I have got no idea, but I hope that I will be a part from it. I guess that fashion industry will continue to collaborate with people from other fields as it has been until now. I hope that it will still be keen on new technologies along with young and innovative people.


Photos courtesy of: Simone Falcetta, Swarovski Elements Project, International Talent Support 2013, Swatch.


Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla