As you already know, we here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins are bringing you our first competition for emerging fashion in Fashion Design, Accessories and Fashion Artefacts.
The I Fashion Design Awards So Catchy! were designed to give a platform and place for young designers and artists in the industry, and not so young ones, with three awards (one per category) as well as online publications and support from social media for the finalists and their designs. It’s a unique opportunity on an international scale. The finalists will also receive a welcome place on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Each category will have various finalists whose names will be published 7 days after the deadline for dossiers.

So get a move on and start working on your projects. You’ve got until the 15th of July to present them. Remember that creativity and originality are important factors in the presentation of the portfolios.

You can find more specific information here in the guidelines.

Questions? Send us an e-mail: