On our last visit to New York last July, we absolutely couldn’t miss out on the exhibition “Centennial”, which paid tribute to one of the most iconic fashion photographer of all time on the 100th anniversary of his birth.

While Irving Penn is known worldwide for his work at Vogue in the 60s, his legacy extends much further than just the world of fashion.

Penn was a master portrait artist capable of capturing shape and depth. His early still lifes are full of humanistic and pictorial meaning. He even said, “a still life is a representation of people” and his nudes are much more than just nudes, they are raw, real, beautiful, powerful black and white images.

For Vogue, Irving Penn travelled to numerous countries (Mexico, New Guinea, Peru) and he always returned with images that reflected the authentic nature of the people in these lands, with sober portraits.

The exhibition ended on the 30th of July but it’s never too late to discover the work of this master of photographer.

Photos courtesy of Anabel Cuervas for So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla