It almost seems like yesterday that Alejandra Jaime, the designer behind María Magdalena, released her first collection ‘WE ARE CATTLE’ which marked her debut on the catwalk and her first visit to Samsung Ego and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. The always daring designer has spent some introspective time reflecting on her roots and everything that made her who she is today, from the cultural, musical and lifestyle influences of her youth in Andalusia. The world of ‘canis’ and ‘pijos’, roughly translated as hooligans and posh which got their start in the early 2000s merge with the strongest stereotypes of the Spanish south: from Holy week to flamenco and popular culture. At So Catchy! Where Fasihon Begins, as always, we are proud supporters of emerging creative talent, so we wish you the best of luck, Alejandra.

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So Catchy!: If you had to describe your collection in three words, what would they be?

María Magdalena: Duality, self, integration

SC!: We know that the concept behind the collection has evolved throughout the creative process. What finally pushed you to this particular Integration?

MM: I think it was the continuous evolution and knowledge of myself. The collection is called ‘Integración’ (Integration) because I’m trying to talk about a personal process of mine, a process of seeing ourselves as beings made up of many different parts. I talk about acceptation, recognizing your efforts and being recognized by others.

Esthetically, it’s an homage to Andalusia in the 2000s, when the urban tribes divided up into ‘pijos’ and ‘canis’. This duality affected me directly because I was an adolescent at the time, and I felt so nostalgic for that period that I decided to imprint it on my collection. So it’s a mix between the posh and the hooligans. There are also a few references to my infancy, sexuality, religion, traditions and the musical legends of the time.

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SC!: What has it been like since you left university?

MM: It’s been a little strange because of how quick it all went and because, in reality, I only wanted to do something that made me feel complete and to surprise my teachers. Two years ago I knew almost nothing about the world of fashion and I’ve had to grow a lot. I’m happy with my trajectory so far, both professionally and personally, but I feel like I’m still in nursery school, and I think that’s kind of cool.

SC!: What will you be working on next?

MM: Almost definitely a fashion film for Integración, and I’d love to start exploring other artistic aspects of myself. I would also like to work for someone else.

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Photos courtesy of MBFW Madrid

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla