Here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we are great admirers of everything audiovisual, the link between fashion and art and creativity in general. From the beginning we’ve followed the careers of fashion filmmakers like Raúl Rosillo, Gsus López and Monica Menez, and today we want to present another one of our favorite places for visual inspiration, the website NOWNESS, a repository for everything related to video, fashion, art and music. Time spent on the site is always worthwhile so today we want to share some of what makes NOWNESS so unique. Here’s a sampling of three videos you can find on the site that caught our eye. We hope you enjoy!

Age Appropriate: Hello, I Am Nora

Directed by Emily and Alice Stein


Directed by Steven Briand

Age Appropriate: Club 99.7

Directed by Nina Holmgren

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla