Manuel Suárez is a poster boy for the new creative and professional force that is emerging amongst the generation known as millenials.

He’s creative, proactive and he doesn’t limit himself to one artistic and professional field; he brings his vision to life through different platforms and mediums. There’s no limit to his artistic expression and Manuel Suárez has only begun to express himself so we’ll be ready for whatever comes next. Manuel, welcome to the So Catchy! family.


So Catchy!: What is a good photograph for you?

Manuel Suárez: Photography is all about the eyes; I shoot what I see or what I want to see. So for me, it should evoke feeling, say something, help you to imagine a story.

SC!: Where do you think fashion photography as a field is now?

MS: We’re currently living in great times. More and more the world of fashion is discovering new frontiers and there’s no fear of experimenting or trying new things.

SC!: Do you see any esthetic tendencies that are dominant now?

MS: Well, um… next question?


SC!: As a multidisciplinary artist, are there any other fields that you haven’t tried yet but would like to get into?

MS: There’s a lot of things to try, many fields to discover, but right now I want to dedicate all of my energy to analog photography. I think there’s a lot to develop there.

SC!: We know you shoot with film, what does it mean to you to continue using analog?

MS: There are so many reasons: the texture, the atmosphere, the grain. Your look changes completely, you enjoy each photograph more and you shoot less than you do in digital and for me, it’s more pure.

You can’t compare silver bromide with digital pixels. We should all go back to shooting film, at least for a time.

SC!: What are your next projects?

MS: I’m working on a few different projects right now. The most important, however, is the acquisition of a Mamiya RZ67 from an uncle of mine who is also a photographer. He used it to shoot fashion in the 80s.


SC!: Any up and coming photographers you admire?

MS: Feijoo, Rita Lino, Raúl Rosillo, Diego Diez, Vivian Bellido, Josefina Andrés, Olivia Bee, Ian Waelder

SC!: Where do you find inspiration?

MS: Inspiration is something that comes to you when you least expect it. It could be while surfing the web, watching a film or just going for a walk.

SC!: Which photographers and photography websites do you follow?

MS: There are thousands of sites and photographers who are a reference for me like Juergen Teller, Ryan Mcginley, Mario Testino, Larry Clark, Philip Lorca Di Corcia, Gregory Credwson, Eric Ogden, and Annie Leibovitz among others. And a great website to check out is Dream Me Up.


SC!: How about something more personal, what’s your favorite film?

MS: That’s tough to say because there are so many. The last one I saw that I liked was “Les amours imaginaires” by Xavier Dolan.

SC!: Favorite restaurant?

MS: La Azotea in Seville.

SC!: A place to lose yourself.

MS: Any place you have yet to discover.


SC!: Can you recommend a book?

MS: “Lolito” by Ben Brooks.

SC!: Pizza with pineapple or without?

MS: With or without… I don’t care. Arg! Now I feel like getting a pizza.

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Model header photo: Brunna Garduño

Model post photos: Marti Remedir

Photographer: Manuel Suárez

Header photo stylist: Celia Marbot

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Translation and layout by Michael Padilla.