At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we’ve talked to you about fashion films on a number of occasions, bringing you the work of talented minds like Raúl Rosillo, Gsus López, and Monica Menez. The creativity of these individuals caught our eye, as well as their way of looking at fashion and the stories they tell us through their work. We’ve seen poetic films, funny and absurd ones, social criticism (you can read more here from Anabel Cuervas about fashion films, written for the Asociación Andaluza de Coolhunting) and, definitely, stories that draw strength from fashion and fashion that is built on stories designed to move, thrill and agitate your conscience.

Fashion Cinematic is a place for all lovers of fashion and film, and fashion films, to come together and discuss the two. It’s a gathering point for all the people out there who are crazy about this genre which is already on the lips of half the world as the most important factor of branded content campaigns for fashion labels.

The group is currently preparing Telling Talents, an event to showcase the work of creators and which already has an impressive lineup of professionals from the audiovisual and fashion worlds. The event takes place on the 18th of February in London and in order to find out more about the innovative project, we got in touch with the organizer, Anastasia Miari.


SO CATCHY!: What is Fashion Cinematic?

ANASTASIA MIARI: Fashion Cinematic is actually a collective – we’re producers, filmmakers and journalists that love fashion film. We got together because of a united love of cinema and fashion – and because we move in both circles. What we want to do is unite these social circles with a series of events and celebrate the amazing work that comes out of the collaboration between these two talented pools of creatives.

SC!: So, what can we expect from Telling Tales?

AM: Expect style, stories and serious filmmaking. We’ve chosen a panel of industry insiders that are SO interesting and clued-up on the area of branded content. The idea is screen the panellists’ favourite fashion films and then discuss the idea of narrative – what is viewed as a standard narrative and how a brand story can be told – any number of ways. Expect conversation, some bloody good films and a talented and insightful audience too.

OUT trailer from Gsus Lopez.
SC!: Fashion Films belong to a relatively new genre and we’ve seen many different definitions of what is and isn’t a fashion film. What’s your definition?

AM: A fashion film, for me, is slightly more than your standard advert. It’s a moving story that tells the tale of a brand using cinematic elements – be it a conventional storyboarded narrative or epic visual effects. It’s the true crossover between fashion and the movies, crafted to communicate an idea conceived in the mind of an artist, as much as it is to sell a brand or product.

SC!: What topics are going to be discussed there?

AM: Who knows the way the conversation might flow on the night. I know Stephen Whelan from White Lodge would like to discuss the idea of beauty / perceived beauty ideals and Nilgin, our compere (journalist / head of Media Production at London College of Fashion) wants to look at exactly what makes up a narrative. Niccolo Montanari – co-founder at Berlin Fashion Film Festival also has a lot of insights into the direction of fashion film and its future. So I expect the conversation to touch on all of these themes.

SC!: Which fashion film makers will attend and which films are we going to see at Telling Tales?

AM: I don’t really want to give the game away with the films screened – but can guarantee that we have a really diverse playing list. Expect work by established filmmakers and well-known brands, but also young directors rising up the ranks.

Hors d’oeuvre from MONICA MENEZ.
SC!: Where do you see the future of fashion film heading?

AM: I hope that there’s a future for fashion film. More brands – including beauty and alcohol – are looking to create interesting narrative content. With the increased popularity of Instagram and Snapchat comes the awareness that moving image is how to hook and capture an audience. I think brands will see the rise of branded content like the ‘fashion film’ and hopefully begin to take more risks – like working with young directors or taking a chance on an idea that is perhaps a bit more ‘out there’.

SC!: Do you have a favourite fashion filmmaker?

AM: I love what Wes Anderson does for Prada – and I like his style as a director in general – his colour blocking and unique visual style really lends itself to fashion film. Monica Mendez – featured in Telling Tales – is also one of my favourites, because of her witty narratives.

‘IT MELTS’ x Pigeons & Peacocks Magazine // with music by G-Swing feat. Rossy de Palma from Gsus Lopez.
SC!: You favourite fashion film is…

AM: UGH! Hard! One I can watch over and over and over at the minute is in Telling Tales. In fact, most of my favourites are featured…so you should come and see for yourselves!

SC!: Are there any blogs or websites about fashion films you might recommend?

AM: I love Nowness for all film ad content – Raven Smith from Nowness is on the panel. I also like to search Vimeo for the latest fashion film content and enjoy to dip into online content from Hunger magazine because they make films in-house.

You can find out more about Telling Tales by following Anastasia on Twitter.

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla