Raúl Rosillo has done it again, once more he’s managed to surprise and captivate us. His latest work is a continuation of his previous work, a materialization of his artistic vision which, as all of his work has, will leave you wanting more.

At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we’ve been following this remarkable visual artist since his beginnings and we’re proud to give you a peak at his latest success.


The AIRE Experience  is a fashion film created and directed by Raúl Rosillo, produced by AIRE ANCIENT BATHS and filmed on location in Aire de Sevilla, Barcelona, Almería and New York. The project is made up of a 13-minute short film (The AIRE Experience) along with 15 teasers: one more generalized and 14 that allude to the AIRE sensations: Feel, Imagine, Emerge, Enjoy, Fly, Dream, Join, Stop, Seduce, Watch, Relax, Listen, Share, Love, and Breathe. The project illustrates the array of sensations on offer at Arabic baths that from a part of the AIRE ANCIENT BATHS group.

For this project, Raúl Rosillo worked with more than 50 professionals, such as the singer Fran Fernández, guitarrist Miguel Ángel Cortés, harpist Ike Zwaar,  the musical quartet Risonanza,  violinist Fernando Torres and NY blues artists Shennyel Vassel, Keishia Dormena & Peter Maness wellknown models like River Viiperi, Olga Khomenko, Irene Lora, Alejandra Domínguez & Cristina Ybarra, the dancers Marta Balparda & Lucía La Piñona and prestigious contemporary dancers like Ellavled Alcano & Kim Willecke and finally various other talented designers with international reach, Roberto Diz, Antonio García, Fernando Claro, Curro Durán, Toni Garrido & Manolo Giraldo.


So Catchy!: Let’s start at the beginning, how did the collaboration between AIRE and Raúl Rosillo come about?

Raúl Rosillo: The collaboration came about thanks to Armando Prados, a friend and the director of AIRE Ancient Baths. For me, a sponsor has bet on me and on the audiovisual way that I felt the AIRE experience. Armando had been following my work for some time and he knew that when it came time to do a big project, he wanted to work with me, so, about a year ago, we began putting it all together and in February we started working. The great thing about the video is that I had complete creative freedom, from concept creation to the development of marketing strategy. The film is around 14 minutes long and it brings together all 15 videos, stories that represent sensations which make up the campaign.



SC!: What was the experience like for you?

RR: It’s really a before and an after in my career, both professionally and personally. I wanted to get out of the world fashion for a bit and to use the language I learned there in other ways and for other clients. I think the result has been very positive. The professional aspect comes from working with a large team and using the latest generation tools to film, as well as getting an agent who you could say is half of me now, Alicia Arranz (Communication Director for the Aire group). There’s also the fact that I worked with more than 100 collaborators from all over which made everything more magical: models, musicians, dancers, it was a fusion of artistic disciplines to expressexerything that water and the AIRE experience have to offer.

STOP from Raúl Rosillo on Vimeo.
SC!: What have you learned, or had to unlearn, while working on this project?

RR: I’ve learned that there are no limits to creativity when using the latest generation of materials and new directing techniques with collaborators in photography, lighting and set design. I’ve also learned what it’s like to film in many different cities, and in New York, which was quite stressful, and how to better manage a project.

I’d also like to mention the magic that was present, all of the people who were a part of this dream, who believed in it and who dedicated so much of their time and effort, this is the most important thing. All of the people, from the grips to the musicians and dancers came with positive energy and to have fun, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. When we were filming where unique, emotional and romantic because we filmed at night from 12 to around 9 AM.

I’ve also learned how to surround myself with positive, enthusiastic, and passionate people. You don’t unlearn anything from a project of this caliber, but you do constantly learn and it all comes together if you know how to find good people to work with.



SC!: It’s probably difficult but, out of the 15 teasers, which is your favorite?

RR: Hmm, well, they’ve al got something special, each of the 15 teasers makes up part of the whole film. I guess SIENTE (Feel) is special because the production was unforgettable. And AMA (Love), which tells a story of love through a couple that, during the postproduction, got married. The teaser reflects a scene that they showed me the morning before we filmed it.

VUELA (Fly) is exquisite because of the performance we created with the fog, creating a sky where Kim can fly among the clouds. Sincerely, I like them all.

FLY from Raúl Rosillo on Vimeo.
SC!: And finally, do you have any stories from filming that you can tell us?

RR: There are millions of stories, every day something different happened, but I can tell you about Ike, the harpist. Like almost all of the collaborators, she stumbled into my life at some point, as if the world had set it up ahead of time. What happened with the harpist was, when I arrived to Seville, months before the project started, I was arriving home and I passed a truck that was unloading a marvelous harp and a blond girl was helping to move it. I stopped and contemplated the scene but that’s all, I didn’t even know her name. Months later, when I started looking for a harpist to work with, she reappeared.

All images courtesy of Raúl Rosillo

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla