Today at So Catchy! we wanted to bring you two labels that stand out from the rest for their simplicity. Within the world of fashion we find ourselves turning more and more to natural materials, collections for any season, basic clothing, plain colors and simple lines, not that this removes one iota of beauty from the articles in question. The idea is to allow the essence of the wearer to shine through the clothes they wear, to highlight their qualities without excentricity. And we like it.

The 05 Studio

The 05 Studio is a young, multidisciplinary label that focuses on minimalist clothing. They make basic pieces, not boring ones, and their objective is to offer pieces that have been carefully designed to serve as the base of any modern woman’s wardrobe, without regard for time or trend. Simple yet modern, their products accentuate natural shapes and curves and adapt to any personality, moving effortlessly with the wearer’s body throughout the day. Designed and made with pride in Bulgaria, The 05 Studio works with local seamstresses and small independent workshops that actively participate in the process of making each piece in the collection.

Inspired by the Earth, all of their colors are natural. Their latest collection is based on the body as one piece with beige, burnt orange, olive green and classic black complementing each other perfectly. Minimalist silhouettes, delicate triangular cuts and transparent details together with soft fabrics that move with the body to highlight the female form.

Paloma Wool

Paloma Wool, is a project from the mind of Paloma Lanna, who never seems to stop working, and whose collections have us wrapped around her finger. Not yet 30, she’s been able to create an identity and her own, recognizable esthetic in the fashion world. Her three maxims are, local production, online sales and artistic collaboration, a simple triad that has served her well. Her minimalist style with a feminine touch is a bet on nature, and while it seems casual, it can disarm and hypnotize the viewer. Check out her Instagram and you can be the judge.

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla