A few months ago we brought you a collection of glasses that had been designed and produced by students in the jewelry school at the prestigious Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel (which you can read here). As an accessory, glasses have had a tough time evolving, which made the work done by Uri Samet’s students all the more original and daring.


Today we’re bringing you the work of Yifat Levy, one of the designers we showcased in our last article, whose work, and that of her classmates, caught our eye.

The 27-year-old Israeli, born in the United States, has recently graduated from Shenkar with a collection of accessories inspired by different parts of the face that is a real delight. The pieces are funny, simple, bold and elegant at once.

Here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we’ve fallen in love with her work. What about you?


SO CATCHY!: When and why did you decide to focus your like on accessories?

YIFAT LEVY: When I was a little girl I would watch my grandmother jewelries and accessories. My grandmother is fond of wearing heavy jewelry – multiple rings, golden earrings, multiple necklaces, and diamond bracelets… She regularly bought me pieces of jewelry so from an early age I understood their function and significance. Her collection has been an inspiration for me.

SC!: You have designed so many things… what do you prefer to design at the moment?

YL: During the last year I focused on using facial elements for my graduate project and I would like to continue and develop this theme in my future jewelry collection.


SC!: Your inspiration comes from…

YL: In my work I am inspired by the basic geometric structure and forms surrounding us. I incorporate the basic images of the organic world and my vision of simplicity of forms. Color and noise play a major role in my design process as well as sense of humor.

SC!: Your favorite materials to work with…

YL: I like working with metal and in particular with silver. Silver seem the perfect choice for my designs. Silver supports my technique and provides the desired outcome.


SC!: Do you use 3D technology to design and create accessories? What do you think about it?

YL: I love integrating 3D techniques with classic manual work.  It enables me to achieve a perfect form. For example I designed the facial elements using 3D technology.

SC!: Do you plan to sell online anytime soon?

YL: Yes I’m ready to go!

SC!: Describe your style as an artist with a few words.

YL: My style is light and humoristic, my pieces are fun to watch and fun to wear.


SC!: What are you doing now and what´s your next step?

YL: I just completed my final project in the jewelry design department in Shenkar. I am very proud of this collection and I am interested in promoting it.


SC!: An impossible dream….

YL: I would have love to see Frida Kahlo wear my jewelry.

SC!: Your favorite accessories designer, brand or label…

YL: My favorite label is Fendi, I also like the designs of Memphis group.


SC!: You cannot stop wearing….

YL: You will never find me without three rings, a pare of earrings and a necklace that my grandmother brought me.

SC!: The fashion world is in need of…

YL: Humor.

SC!: Instagram accounts, websites, etc., you normally follow…

YL: I like following many galleries and upcoming designers from around the world.

All images courtesy of Yifat Levy

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla