Today we’re bringing you the work of the London-based jewelry designer Viktorija Agne the creator of the label Praba750.

Her work is solitary, pure geometry using transformable pieces and structures that play off of the parts of the body they adorn.

What attracted us to her work was its coherent nature, a line of elegant pieces, atemporal and perfect for any occasion. Among her creations are precious ear-cuffs, rings and earrings, with mini diamonds and at a reasonable price.

And on top of it all, Prada 750 works with recycled gold and the concept of sustainable jewelry.

From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, we’re positive that you’ll like Viktorija’s work as much as we do.

SO CATCHY!: How would you describe your work?

VIKTORIJA AGNE: Advanced, innovative, new generation jewelry.

SC!: Why did you focus on jewelry?

VA: Jewelry has been my dream ever since I was a teenager. Since then I was very much interested in handcraft, and little by little my dream brought me all the way to London to study Fashion Jewelry. It is an incredible joy to work with my own hands and latest technology and be able to produce something new, unique and innovative.

SC!: Could you describe your creative process?

VA: It starts with little images in my head, since I have a visual memory it is quite easy for me to play with these images and compose further ideas. Then I start drawing ideas on paper which after I stat testing weather it works in reality. Most of my ideas needs a lot testing because I tent to work with innovative designs which haven’t been done before.

SC!: Handmade vs 3D World…. Where do you think the future of jewelry is heading?

VA: Future of Jewelry is heading towards 3D world. More and more innovative jewelry machineries is being invented which makes jewelry production faster with better quality as well as jewelry designs more innovative. In Jewelry world you have to work hand in hand with innovations because that’s the key to the future and your own development as a jeweler.

SC! You finished your Jewelry Studies in 2015. What have you been doing?

VA: Since I graduated I have been working for a few well-known Jewelry designers Scott Wilson, Barbara Harris Water Jewels, Sara Angold, Kering group, I believe this experience gave me a lot of knowledge and practical experience about jewelry business.

SC!: Let‘s talk about Praba 750. Are you the only owner? When did you set it up? How do you produce the pieces?

VA: 2016 summer together with my best friend Ruta Eva we have started our own fine Jewelry brand PRABA 750. Its Direct-to-consumer upcycled fine jewelry brand, offering affordable handcrafted pieces produced by using recycled precious metals. All the pieces are being produced in our own workshop.


SC!: Your main inspiration is….

VA: I love geometrical structures. My inspiration is built around transformation of objects. The visual aspects of designs are somewhat modern yet still current and are mostly inspired by the mechanical engineering industry. Through application of advanced production techniques, relevant sciences and an extensive research i seek to achieve not only unique presentable features, but also durability and cohesiveness.

SC!: Your dream is….

VA: To have a well know jewelry brand which is not only generating business but also brings good to the world and joy while working.

SC!: Instagram accounts or website you like.

VA: @elinklingdotcom, @whowhatwear, @_streetstyle.

SC!: Your favorite jewelry designers or brands are….

VA: MARNI, Maison Martin Margiela, Repossi.

SC!: You cannot stop wearing…

VA: Alexander Wang bag, Acne dress, “and other stories” heels.

Images courtesy of Viktorija Agne

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla