The goal of Lili Colley is none other than to express, through her mastery of design, a way of thinking and feeling about nature and architecture.

Lili Colley was born in Scotland and raised in Wales before moving to London to grow as an artist, the city that she’d visited regularly as a child to attend dance classes at the Royal Ballet.  After devoting her time to various fields related to art and design, she graduated with honors in Jewellery Design from the London College of Fashion.

Her way of thinking about design has won her the award for the best jewellery collection from the International Talent Support as well as the Swarovski Elements Award  for her futuristic necklace made with crystals from the prestigious company.  Trend watching website par excellence WGSN also chose her for their coveted Fashion Awards.

She defines herself as innovative, daring, colorful and experimental.

At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we’ve been hooked by her way of creating pieces that are equally unique, creative, majestic and incredibly unusual.


Lili and Model

Left: Model with Lili Colley earrings Right: the designer Lili Colley


SO CATCHY!: Why did you choose to work on accesories?

LILI COLLEY: I love 3 Dimentional creativity and creating pieces of wearable art is a beautiful way to use this form of design.


SC!: You won the last International Talent Support 2013 award and were the winner of Swarovski Elements. What did this mean to you?

LC: To be apart of International Talent support was the most amazing opportunity and experience. The ITS family where the nicest of people.

To be amongst so much, individual, experimental, expression was so exciting the talent was so high. There was so much happening I didn’t think about any prizes. When they called out my name I was a little stunned and then just so happy and excited! It means a lot! It meant a lot to be chosen for ITS already but it was amazing it was like all the hard work it had meant to be…it was a celebration of that! Of course now I have an opportunity to design with Swarovski amazing! Cant wait! I remember having a little treasured bag with one beautiful Swarovski crystal in it when I was little…its like a dream!


SC!: Tell us about your project Geo Deco Collection

LC: For the ‘Geo Deco Collection’ I was inspired by light. There’s a great energy as the sun shines in the day and when lights glow in the dark. I’m fascinated by light, and as it moves how it changes shapes, reflects and refracts. As the sun shines through coloured glass, its a delight as the hues of colours flood in its moving path. The sun mixes with water and oils to create spectrums of colour and It makes us feel happy, alive and awake… I use layers of different coloured light conducting perspex, mixed with mirrors, brass and in some pieces, LEDs.

As the Jewellery moves, light catches the layers of material absorbing the lights energy, enhancing the colours as they conduct and glow brightly catching the eye. I work hard with the materials to get a great finish, to give it a polished, shiny, glassy effect and top it with brass to enrich and make it shine golden. The jewellery collection is made up of individual pieces of art… They are structured and made to capture and entertain the audience. I like the pieces to have extra dimensions. The Jewellery is new and innovative, yet people connect as they see and find familiarities and memories within.


Geo Deco Bracelet


SC!: Where do you look for inspiration?

LC: Nature and architecture I like structure organic and manmade I like contradictions.


SC!: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

LC: New Design project is will take to the skies, stars and the nebula starburst galaxies where new stars are formed. It is part of the Swarovski neck piece inspiration. I have made a head piece and will also make diffusion pieces from this inspiration using translucents and irradescent materials and also crystals.


SC!: Your favorite fashion Designer is….

LC: Alexander McQueen also Issey Miyake


SC!: Your favorite jewellery fashion designer is….

LC: Lanvin


SC!: An indispensable blog / web:

LC: WGSN and  Style Bubble


SC!: Where do you see yourself in the near future?

LC: Continuing with jewellery design, running my own business and collaborations in 3D design anything that is a challenge or experimental and creative!


SC!: And what´s your impossible dream?

LC: I hope that nothing is impossible!


Geo Collection


SC!: Do you dare to predict a change in fashion and in the way jewellery is produced?

LC: Yes fashion Jewellery is taking a good position it is growing there is a buzz of new ideas, materials and tools. The fashion business is huge and varied. Boundaries are defiantly being pushed.


Thanks to:

Anisa Topan


Photography, wardrobe, hairstyling, models:

Photography Lee Kirby

Photographers assistant James Clancy

Fashion Stylist Sarah Winton

Jewellery Earring Lili Colley

Make up Artist Nadine Reid

Hair Stylist Ashley Beecroft

Clothing Paper London

Model Skye Profile Models


Translated by Michael Padilla