Clothing that begs to be worn, symmetry that paints a feminine silhouette, the handmade sensuality that shows elegance and sophistication, deep colors that leave you feeling calm and a flow that leaves you enjoying each and every one of its parts, that is the new collection from Ana Sánchez, Symmetries, her new solo project, shown in the recent Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week.

Originally from Cádiz and dedicated to Spanish fashion, a woman who has bet it all on her own projects and dreams.  We’ll show you her more personal side, in the words of the designer hidden behind her creations.

SO CATCHY!: Who is Ana Sánchez?

ANA SÁNCHEZ: I’m an AS designer with Daniel Vázquez, the photographer and graphic designer, and I’ve directed the South 36-32n Fashion Show for the last 8 years, annually, in my home city, Cádiz.

SC!: Could you describe yourself in 3 words?

AS: Active, hardworking and dedicated

SC!: Tell us a bit about your career, from the beginning up to what you’re working on now.

AS: I studied fashion and did a few internships with some well-known Spanish designers.  I’ve always known that I wanted to work on my own projects, I developed South [36-32n Fashion Show] and I started Solitas together with my partner at the time, and then I started my solo project, AS, and that’s where I’m at now, as well as directing South 2014.


SC!: What do these cities you live in bring you? What trends do you see or inspiration do you get?

AS: London gives me a lot of energy that helps me keep working, the city is really alive with all different fields, like fashion, art, and music.  It’s important for designers to immerse themselves in a city like that, to create and get organized.  And Cádiz is my hometown; my family is there, my friends and South, so I move in between them.

SC!: Tell us about your latest collection, Symmetries:

AS: My last collection is the beginning of a new step in my career, so I’ve still got a lot to develop and work on. Symmetries is a project based on the urban architecture of different cities that I’ve developed together with Daniel Vázquez, the photographer who made the prints for the collection.

SC!: What city do you think is the most important for trends?

AS: I don’t really think that there is just one, I think that every city is different, they have their own trends and inspiration.  If I had to choose one, since I’m living in here, I’d have to choose London.


SC!: A color?

AS: Black

SC! A designer?

AS: Marjan Pejoski and Koji Maruyama make up KTZ, they’ve shown at London Fashion Week and I find there working very interesting.

SC!: Your definition of elegance?

AS: Simplicity

SC!: Something you always have in your wardrobe?

AS: Jeans

SC!: What is fashion for you?

AS: Fashion is requires discipline and is an industry in every sense, so it’s important for a designer to keep that in mind.


SC!: What are you working on in the short term?

AS: In the short term, I’m organizing and working on South 2014 and continuing with AS.

SC!: If you could look 5 years into the future, what would you like to see?

AS: I’d like to see a change for the better in Spain, above all, getting out of this economic and banking crisis, imposed on us by a few who are out to make a profit, and as for me personally, I’d like to be living from and working on something that I really love.


Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla