If you like gender-free fashion like we do, then you’ll be interested to hear about two Spanish designers who’ve caught out eye recently here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins.


Israel Cascón and Andrés Sierra are the two young creative minds behind HOSOI who are surprising everyone with their original and entertaining proposals. We had the opportunity to chat with them as they get ready to launch their third collection, WANNABE. Make sure to keep an eye on the work from these two young men, we sure will be.


So Catchy!: We want to know a bit more about the creators behind the label, what is a day in your lives like?

Hosoi: HOSOI is composed of Israel Cascón and Andrés Sierra. I (Israel Cascón) work in a lighting design studio and Andrés is an architect so our days are kind of like a never-ending game of tetris, trying to fit our work schedules and meetings, e-mails and our workshop schedules into the same day. And we’ve got a dog. So we’re always running around.

SC!: Who designs the beautiful patterns at HOSOI?

H: Andrés Sierra does the illustrations, that’s 50% of HOSOI, but the patterns come from shared ideas.


SC: What’s your creative process like?

H: We don’t always follow the same creative process. Sometimes a collection comes from a name, other times it’s from a song or a color. But we always work directly with musical references or references to food.

SC!: Tell us about your third collection, #WANNABE

H: WANNABE is about being who you want to be. It’s about the power that each of us have to transform ourselves and to modify our own image. The motto is, BE WHAT YOU WANNABE! And the direct cultural references are to voguing in the 80s and the Spice Girls.


SC!: Are there any other creative minds that you admire?

H: We could make a never-ending list… Xavier Dolan, Terenci Moix, Lina Morgan or Xavi Reyes.

SC!: As young designers, what steps have you taken to position your label in a market with so much to offer?

H: A lot of work at all hours of the day and a desire to make it all come together. We knew from the beginning that if we wanted to dive into a market with so much out there that we’d need an attractive and simple online store and a constant presence on social media. Those are the two basic pillars.


SC!: What projects will you be working on next?

H: We want to start planning for the future, not only the short term but we want to have a long term for HOSOI, as a business, and to design a more ambitious plan.

SC!: Is there a dream that you want to reach even though it may seem impossible at the moment?

H: It doesn’t seem impossible but being able to live from HOSOI is our dream.



Photographer: Javier Biosca

Photo assistant: Javiera G. Huidobro

Model: Brianda Fitz James Stuart & Luis Mba Ndong

Hair & Make-Up: Cynthia de León

Nails: Teresa Cobo at Nailistas

Shoes: SuperCyber & Magma

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla