When we think about emerging talent, we imagine creativity at its limits, research and paradigms that resolve into unexpected designs. Emerging talent designers can surprise us in a number of ways, so, this time around we here at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins wanted to make a selection of 5 of the newest designers who have captured the essence of the latest in fashion.


Matty Bovan

University: Central Saint Martins.


Photos courtesy of Matty Bovan

02-so-catchy-matty-bovan 01-so-catchy-matty-bovan-01


Fyodor Golan

University: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Instituto Marangioni.


Photos by Dexter Lander

03-so-catchy-fyodor-golan 04-so-catchy-fyodor-golan 05-so-catchy-fyodor-golan


Anne Sofie Madsen

University: Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.


Photos by Esben Weile

06-so-catchy-anne-sofie-madsen 07-so-catchy-anne-sofie-madsen 08-so-catchy-anne-sofie-madsen 09-so-catchy-anne-sofie-madsen



University: Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


Photos by Giovanni Giannoni

10-so-catchy-yproject 11-so-catchy-yproject 12-so-catchy-yproject


Danielle Cathari

University: AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute).


Photos by MadebyDay

13-so-catchy-danielle-cathari 14-so-catchy-danielle-cathari 15-so-catchy-danielle-cathari 16-so-catchy-danielle-cathari


Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla