It’s that time of year again, time for FashionClash Maastricht, and we’re excited to see what they’ve prepared for the 8th edition of one of the most important festivals of independent fashion in Europe. A weekend of catwalks, a market, performances and shows which are guaranteed to be as good as last year’s, if not better.

Among the designers whose work we’ll see are new faces and old, like Bluedenîmes & Minou Lejeune, Hermione Flynn, last year’s winner Lautaro Amadeo Tambutto (you can read his interview with SC! here), Odio x Pieczarkowski, Chris Van Den Elzen (who we talked to last November), and more.


Last year’s winner L A T

Every edition of FashionClash has a specific theme that the event is built around. Last year, the topic was Gender, wonderfully embodied in Hermione Flynn’s show, which included the transgender model, Gia Bab, and this year it’s Heritage.

A number of different events and activities will be taking place from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July, and among them are the Heritage Show and the Heritage Exhibition.

The Heritage Show will be an artistic project involving performances to highlight the work of designers whose work revolves around cultural legacy, and, after the performance, there will be a roundtable discussion about fashion between the designers and the public in attendance.

The Heritage Exhibition will bring us an eclectic mix of fashion, shoe, and textile design, photography and installations, including the interactive VERWEVEN exhibition by noted theater performer Nina Willems. In this installation you can share your story behind the clothes you wear. You will be interviewed, and a short film will be made about your outfit of today and the story behind it. Within an hour, you can see your own short film on one of the screens in the exhibition.

As for the Clash, the mix of different creative disciplines with fashion, FashionClash has invited participants from outside the world of fashion to give their take on what they think about the catwalk. This years proposals by mixed-media artists, photographers and product designers promise to be as inspired, and inspiring, as in 2015.

We’re also looking forward to seeing new work from the latest generation of designers who’ve recently graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD), like Victoria Keller, Ilona Simons, Mia Wolff Metternich, Domino Vughts and Maarten van Mulken.

There are a lot of things that we love about this festival, we could go on for days, even, but for the sake of space and clarity: If you want to see what Fashion is really all about, you’ve got to head to FashionClash.

We here at So Catchy! can’t wait for the 30th of June!



Poster and Video courtesy of FashionClash Festival

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla