FashionClash 2015 winner, the 21-year-old Argentine, Lautaro Amadeo Tambutto, fulfilled a dream last month that he’d had since he left his home country to study fashion at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni. After taking a few days off to relax and reflect, he’s looking for his next opportunity and working on his next collection.


Photo: Francine Karagozian

His collection, “L A T i n A M E R I C A p r o y e c t”, is making waves around the world and, now that he’s had some time to collect himself, he’s ready for whatever comes next. His project reinvents the concept of folklore, combining it with influences from urban tribes, and it won over the public, and the jury who proclaimed him winner of the seventh edition of FashionClash Maastricht 2015.

So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins was there and witnessed it all as it went down. Recently, Lautaro sat down with us and granted us this interview. We hope you enjoy.


Photo: Nico Filgueira, Models: Ramiro Tristán & Leo D’a Lleva
SO CATCHY!: Congratulations on your recent award at FashionClash 2015. What are you going to do with the prize? Do you have any plans?

LAUTARO AMADEO TAMBUTTO: Thanks a lot! I’m going to try to invest the prize money in my next collection. Right now I’m looking for work and waiting for replies from some people.   My idea is to stay here in Europe and keep working, get more experience in the industry and at the same time continue with my personal project.


Photo: Anabel Cuervas
SC!: There was a lot of talent at FashionClash. Did you think you’d come out on top?

LAT: Honestly, no, I didn’t. in fact, it took a long time to realize what this could mean for me. Just being a part of FashionClash was already a big achievement. Right now I’m in Milan, getting back into the swing of things after a few days of vacation. I needed to get away from the city to find myself agaian and to process the last few weeks. Sit down and think, do some sketches, recharge my batteries for whatever comes next.

SC!: Have you had any interesting offers as a result of FashionClash?

LAT: Yes, well, being a part of the next edition of FashionClash is already a huge opportunity. And, thanks to the mention in Kaltblut magazine, I’ve got a project going in Berlin. Publications like FuckingYoung and the support I’ve received from VogueTalents, So Catchy! and the rest of the social media as well, they’ve all helped me show the world who I am as a designer and what my brand is about.


Photo: Oscar Sanhueza Chesta, Model: Joe Vitrano
SC!: When did you decide to leave Argentina and move to Milan to study fashion?

LAT: I took the decision in 2013, a few weeks after going on a trip to research textiles in the north of Argentina. I went to San Nicolás, my hometown, and I told my parents that I’d made the decision, that the next year I’d be leaving my country. After checking out the University of Palermo, I moved to London to apply to Central Saint Martin’s, but, a few weeks later, destiny brought me to Milan and I was accepted at the Istituto Marangoni.

SC!: Your collection is folkloric, yet modern. What are you trying to tell us?

LAT: L A T i n A M E R I C A p r o y e c t, comes from the need to express the importance of Latin American culture. It mixes ancestral aspects and traditions with global influences, like urban tribes and situations on the street. Enhancing this is an essential aspect and so, like in the primitive past, I used noble materials like leather, skins and wool to cover the constantly exposed body. With this project, I’m developing a new version of the gaucho style and a sporty Tailor.


Photo: oscar Sanhueza Chesta, Models: Carlos Cabrera & Joe Vitrano
SC!: When can we get our hands on some of your clothes?

LAT: Next year we’ll be launching the new collection and it will be for sale in some showrooms and on some websites.

SC!: What kinds of people wear your clothes?

LAT: I think that people who dress in L A T clothes are typically strong and, at the same time, sensitive, communicative and they like to break with social and cultural norms. It’s not a question of gender and stereotype, although it is a menswear label, the wearers are all different.

SC!: The basis for your inspiration is ….

LA: My Latin American culture, urban tribes and urban settings. Territories.

SC!: Materials that you like to work with?

LAT: I mainly like to work with noble and pure material, like leather, skin and some fabrics. I also like to create different textile combinations, that adapt to the body and allow me to make comfortable clothes.


Photo: Nico Filgueira, Models: Ramiro Tristán & Leo D’a Lleva
SC!: What do you miss most about your home country?

LAT: My family and friends, and our way of speaking.

SC!: So what will you be doing next?

LAT: Right now, I want to solve my working situation, then I’d like to take a little vacation and continue working on the next collection.

SC!: Are there any designers that you admire??

LAT: That’s an easy question on the face of it but it’s really difficult to say. There are many designers that have aroused feelings of admiration and passion, like Alexander McQueen, as well as many others. Right now, Yohji Yamamoto and J.W. Anderson.

SC!: Can you name a designer who, like you, is starting out and has caught your eye?

LAT: From my homeland, Sol Pardo – PARDOhats who I collaborated with on their hats for the en L A T i n A M E R I C A p r o y e c t.

And from FashionClash, I liked Hermione Flynn a lot.

Photos courtesy of Lautaro Amadeo Tambutto

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla