Footwear has always been, and continues to be, an object of desire for many of us; the variety of designs for women’s shoes alone is undeniable evidence. Every day we discover new designers who find a way to surprise us with their incredible and daring proposals, stunning heels, and different materials and textures.

Today we wanted to pay homage to women’s flats, which are fast becoming a necessary addition to any wardrobe, and which young designers are finding new ways to reinvent. Flats, little by little, are gaining ground in a world where heels and platform shoes have held uncontested sway.

From So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins, here’s a small selection we’ve come up with of Flats designed by promising young artists, from the highest quality materials, and made by hand. All of which are available online!



(Check out her interview here)



Bianca Georgescu Footwear Design

(Check out her interview here)

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Please Paris


Artem Atelier



Fernando Echeverría Shoes and Bags

(Check out his interview here)



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