Jewelry, traditionally, has stood apart from everyday objects. Defined by luxury, and the value that we humans have determined some materials should have, at times, to make ourselves feel powerful. The luxury market is overrun with labels whose flagship pieces are still made of gold and diamonds.

At So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins we like to question the norm and seek out proposals that make us reflect on the true significance of fashion, luxury and the value of objects.

So today we’re bringing you Domestic Jewelry, a fascinating project (anti-luxury you might say) started by three students at the Academy of Art in Estonia who didn’t feel like taking the summer off from their University studies.

Motivated by their passion to create, Ljubov kedrina, Claudia Lepik and Kaia Ansip decided to photograph domestic items as if they were pieces of jewelry that could be worn (beacuse, why not?). In the world of Domestic Jewelry, dishrags, cables, latex gloves and meatballs all become flashy necklaces or earrings.

Their goal is to capture 365 photos of what they call “domestic jewelry”, with their mobile phones or tablets, at any moment of the day. They leave nothing to waste and have us wondering if luxury is something we create ourselves in our own minds or if it is something objective and quantifiable.

Perhaps the true beauty of life resides in our daily activities.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: @domestic_jewelry.



so-catchy-domestic-jewelry-SPONGE-Tape-roll so-catchy-domestic-jewelry-Table-lamp so-catchy-domestic-jewelry-Tea-servers so-catchy-domestic-jewelry-Teabags-fly-stopper

All pictures courtesy of the Domestic Jewelry team: Ljubov Kedrina, Claudia Lepik & Kaia Ansip

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla