An indispensible designer, a canny entrepreneur, an irrepressible creative force, Krizia is an inspiration for the times we live in.  The Barcelona-based phenom divides her time between her designs and her business while also helping promote emerging young designers and artists.  If you’re looking for a point of reference in Barcelona, the KR Store Backyard is a must-see.  And if you’re wondering what’s behind her work, all you have to do is read on. So Catchy! talked to her in an exclusive interview before her latest trip to Miami and this is what she told us.

Krizia Robustella by Dizy Diaz

Krizia Robustella by Dizy Diaz

SOCATCHY!: Tell us a bit about how you got into the world of fashion.  How and when did you begin?

Krizia Robustella: I studied fashion in the Felicidad Duce school and having finished my final project, I presented the work to some national competitions and won some awards.  A bit later I decided to do another collection and I was chosen to participate in the Ego show at Cibeles in Madrid.  I presented my collections three times and then I got to the main catwalk of Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week and I again showed my work three times.  At that point I decide to make a change and I decided to try the 080 Barcelona Fashion show where I’m still presenting my collections.

SC!: Nowadays there are many brands and designers who are going for the 90s tracksuit style, María Ke Fisherman, Roberto Piqueras, etc. Where do you think this style, which is about much more than just fashion, began and where do you think it’s going?

KR: We live in a constantly moving world, with a lot of work and a lot of stress.  People get dressed in the morning, they go for lunch, continue working, then they go to events, to dinner and out for the night.  We’re trying to make the same clothes work for all occasions and that’s why I did Sports Deluxe, clothes with sporty cuts, comfortable for day to day life but with a touch of creativity, design and style.

SC!: We love your collaboration with David Méndez Alonso “The Fat Feast” by Paraíso.  How did it come about?

KR: The first collaboration David and I did was for some scarves called “Bears, Tigers & Panthers were born in the 80s”, and from those scarves we did some sweatshirts that were very popular so we had the motivation to continue working together.  We decided to stop collaborating and create a ‘brand’ called “Paraíso” together where we make ready-made fashion collections with fun themes and commercial clothes.


David Méndez Alonso& Krizia Robustella “The Fat Feast” by Paraíso

SC!: What about KR Store Backyard?  What new projects do you have in mind for your new space?

KR: At KR, on the 13th of December there’s a presentation for a new brand of socks, a special sale for Christmas and next year there’s an installation with Eme Rock and a few illustration exhibitions that will be interesting.

SC!: What is your defining symbol as a fashion designer and entrepreneur?

KR: I guess the Sport Deluxe style, Hip-hop, ironic and risky collections, an above all, being faithful to fashion.

SC!: Who or what inspire you?

KR: Anything I see or do in a normal day.

SC!: Any websites or magazines that are essential for you?

KR: Fucking Young, Perdiz, Eldorado


David Méndez Alonso& Krizia Robustella “The Fat Feast” by Paraíso 

SC!: Is there an emerging designer you’re watching?

KR: Only one?  I’d say all of my friends and colleagues who, despite how things are going, decide to continue working and fighting for their dreams. Manuel Bolaño, Ahida Agirre, Senyor Pablo, Jarabowtie

SC!: What do you think about Spanish fashion nowadays?

KR: That it has and will always have a lot of potential.  We aren’t any worse or any better that anyone else but you have to believe in it more and the national press as well as people in general should support our products

SC!: How do you think the international fashion industry will evolve in the short term?

KR: It will be as strong as ever, the only think I think will change, or should change, are the seasons.

Translation and Layout by Michael Padilla