Once again we’re bringing you new talent from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. This time, it’s Neta Soreq, a pioneer in designing and printing shoes using the 3D technology on hand at the school.


Neta has created two fascinating collections, but the second one, Energetic Pass, has caught the attention of the masses. Shoes that are designed and printed using 3D technology, based on the natural movement of the foot and intended to channel energy for active people.

Winner of the Lockman Prize, she was also recently selected to take part in an exhibition at Talente 2016 in Munich.

If you’re interested in 3D design and printing, shoes and the union of technology, art and fashion, you won’t want to miss out on the interview she gave us at So Catchy! Where Fashion Begins.


The Prism
SO CATCHY!: Why did you decide to focus your studies on Footwear?

NETA SOREQ: During my second year I focused on shoe design, the teacher exposed me to the traditional and meticulous process of designing shoes. The will to make something so precise left me awake at night and focused throughout the process and challenged me. I find shoe designs to be walkable sculpture, the shoe is positioned at the end of the body and separates the man from the ground, which symbolizes the connection of the wearer with the ground.


The Prism
SC!: Tell us about your first 3d footwear collection: The Prism.

NS: My first 3D footwear, called “The Prism”, was inspired by Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover. This was the first 3D printed shoe ever at the Bezalel Academy. I wanted to design a prism shoe that would look like a flawless transparent prism which led to some research for the most appropriate material and technique to make the shoe.


Energetic Pass
SC!: Energetic Pass is an amazing collection, congratulations.

NS: Energetic Pass was designed upon a 3D scan of an anatomical shoetree using SolidWorks 3D software. On the computer I started modeling the shoe on the shoetree one line at a time much like a sculptor does. Basically i used the traditional technique of building shoes and combined them with the technological advantages of computer design, which is kind of a ‘tech-couture’ process opening up new opportunities for design. The shoes are printed on SLS and the material chosen for the shoe is nylon12, the soles were printed to prevent friction with the floor and in photopolymer.

My shoe design came from studying hyperactive people with a focus on different therapy treatments that direct the energy in the body. I was inspired by the structure of the muscles and the natural movement of the foot in different positions.


Energetic Pass
SC!: Everybody talks about important fashion schools and universities but we are witnessing important works made by students from others universities around the world. What was your experience like at Bezalel Academy? Why did you choose this school?

NS: Design studies in Bezalel was a very intensive time for me, I learned a lot from my classmates and teachers, who were mentors for me like Eliora Ginzburg. 
I chose to study at Bezalel because the department I was interested in was a combination of fashion and jewelry design, which gives you the ability to gain knowledge from different worlds and use it when designing. The combination between fashion and jewellery design exposed me to the world of shoe and accessories design.

SC!: It’s becoming more common to see fashion work hand in hand with technology. What do you think the future of footwear design will be like?

I really like the combination between design and technology, I think that technology reaches everywhere today and when it meets up with designers, it becomes more accessible to public. 
I would really like to study more about the merging of technology and design and expand the technological knowledge which evolves all the time. In the future, technology will advance much more and will enable new developments, I think once they use both softer materials and more rigid materials in the print process it will enable me as a designer to design shoes that will be more suited to the existing needs of the wearer, with the addition of an advanced design. 
I can’t wait to take part in the future of footwear.


Energetic Pass
SC!: Do you have any plans to create your own label and make ‘wearable’ designs?

Right now I am designing a shoe collection that will be more ready to wear.  From that unique collection you can expect designs that you will want to wear in the morning.

SC!: A perfect shoe is or must have…

NS: Heels.

SC!: A footwear label / designer you really like…

NS: United Nude.

SC!: Your favorite young footwear designer is…

NS: Safa Sahin.

Energetic Pass
SC!: Your impossible dream is…

NS: To make shoes for Iris Van Herpen.

SC!: Fashion is in need of…

NS: More open-minded people willing to try out bolder clothing items.

SC!: You cannot stop wearing…

NS: A bra.

SC!: Any websites, magazines or blogs about design you can recommend us?

NS: iGNANT, Colossal.

Photo Credits:

Homage to Prism: Nati Azenkot

Energetic Pass: Daphna Rennert

Translation and layout by Michael Padilla